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MBB Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2022

June 23, 2022

MBB celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2022 with Kalista Clout, Dr. Ilsa Kuiper and Kate Hunter

Women in engineering make significant impacts by redesigning and improving the communities in which we live, work and play. However, engineering is still far from reaching its diversity and inclusion goals of raising the profile of women in engineering and focusing attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry.

The lack of female representation severely limits the engineering industry. Having women only make up a fraction of the engineering profession is restrictive in the solutions we can muster.

When engineers come from a variety of cultures, genders, ethnicities and sexualities, they bring with them new viewpoints. This diversity in the way people look at and tackle a problem is what helps us drive innovation and improve our quality of life in infinite ways.



Opportunities in the industry


Engineering is ripe with opportunity. Dr. Ilsa Kuiper, Senior Consultant in MBB Group’s Commercial team, states that engineering is a part of the broader society with sustainability and digital being areas for potential future jobs, “Whether tackling sustainability challenges or leveraging digital and technological developments, engineering outcomes form an integral part in shaping our future.”

STEM is such a stimulating career, offering a diverse array of directions to go in. This involves being part of the movement toward diversity and inclusion and overcoming negativity and visibility.

Ilsa has some advice for anyone pursuing a career in engineering, “Sometimes you have to ignore the nay-sayers or seek guidance from colleagues or a trusted mentor. A healthy dose of determination never goes astray too.”

Kalista Clout, Associate Director in MBB’s Commercial team, says that demand for female roles in STEM is high.

“As organisations are now recognising the value diverse thinking brings to group decision making, the demand for women in STEM has intensified further.”

“There are many scholarships and remuneration programs to encourage women to pursue careers in STEM.“ Kalista continues, “Changes are also being made to human resource approaches to facilitate inclusive behaviour, so I believe both commercially and socially there has been no better time to enter the field.”

Ilsa says that women are critical to a productive engineering industry.

“Women play an invaluable and unique role in engineering, along with every one of their counterparts.”



MBB leading the engineering sector


Katrina Guidice, MBB’s Executive Director of Commercial, says that female leadership will not only reduce the gender pay gap but also improve company profitability and productivity.

“Women are underrepresented in key decision-making roles and progress has been too slow even though there are strong economic arguments supporting the case for equality.”

“Visibility is key,” says Katrina, “providing role models to women in a field where they often feel overlooked is so empowering.”

“At MBB, we have 30 per cent female leadership roles with strategies in place to attract and promote more talent.”

Kate Price, MBB’s Director of Built Form and the Co Chair of the Mentoring Program at NAWIC says, “Enabling women to be guided in their careers by providing a strong starting point helps secure a healthy and balanced workplace.”

“MBB provides great learning and development support to ensure all our people reach their career goals. Mentorship at MBB enables the sharing of knowledge and experience while providing guidance and support for our female professionals to achieve a long and successful career”.

Nicole Woodward, MBB’s Director of People and Culture, talks about the benefits of hiring more female talent. “Hiring women tends to create more supportive environments and increases collaboration and communication among teams,” says Nicole, “which can cause a shift in culture.”

“At MBB, we are currently recruiting for our second graduate cohort and we were pleased to see diversity amongst the applications. As we grow, diversity and inclusion is key for us in building on our people strategy.”



The Future of Engineering


We asked some of our engineers to share their perspectives for any aspiring future leaders and women in engineering. This is what they have to say.


Kalista Clout, MBB Group Associate Director

“I appreciate the breadth of work engineering encompasses and the immense job flexibility, both in terms of variety of roles available and the ability to work in different jurisdictions without having to undergo extensive further study or training.”

Kalista Clout
MBB Associate Director


Dr. Ilsa Kuiper, MBB Group Senior Consultant

“My career in engineering continues to provide incredible experiences and a myriad of opportunities to work alongside inspiring teams and leaders. Civil engineering roles have offered a diverse range of circumstances that were not always planned, nor limited by location, sector or discipline.”

Ilsa Kuiper
MBB Senior Consultant


Kate Hunter, MBB Group Consultant

“I have always been interested in building things and making things work. I enjoyed math and physics at school so engineering seemed like a good fit for me. Being a woman in engineering, it can be difficult to be taken seriously at times. It is important to not let it get you down. The opportunity to work on projects that make a positive impact for future generations is definitely worth it!”

Kate Hunter
MBB Consultant





As we gear up for the next generation of engineering professionals, we need to take stock of where we are and where we need to go.

To ensure the next generation of engineers is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed, MBB provides solid footing at the outset of their careers. This ensures that our people continue to deliver excellence through high-quality education and training throughout their career.

Although things are slowly changing for the better, it will take time for the industry to become more inclusive.

That is why it is so important for MBB to lead the conversation. To raise awareness around the issues of diversity and inclusion in engineering and encourage people to think about solutions that will help prevent, reduce and eliminate them.

Join us in celebrating the incredible achievements of women in engineering and driving change to a more diverse and inclusive industry.

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