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Craig Kazakoff

Associate Director

Craig is a Chartered Professional Engineer, Certified Gateway Assurance reviewer and a Fellow of Engineers Australia. With over 25 years of multidisciplinary experience delivering public sector projects, his professional portfolio includes a strong focus on traffic and transport engineering in multidisciplinary and multimodal transport infrastructure. He has successfully led technical teams through a wide range of project complexities and challenges; such as, the seamless integration of interfaces, innovative construction staging and traffic engineering,  design risk mitigation and offset responses, and the mitigation of impacts on the environment, properties, utilities and the community.

Key Projects:
  • North East Link Project, VIC
  • Sydney Gateway, NSW
  • John Gorton Drive, ACT
  • Gungahlin Drive, ACT
  • Forgan Bridge Replacement, QLD
  • Cairns Western Arterial Planning Study, QLD